What makes a neighbourhood the best to invest in real estate in Canada?

There are many factors that make a particular neighbourhood the best choice to live in Canada to, to buy a property in Canada. If, someone is looking for good options for investing in Canada, one will obviously want to make an investment in a place where the property prices are not overpriced and which promises rise in the prices every year.  

A detailed observation is taken to filter out the top best cities in Canada in terms of real estate market. The factors like value, momentum, economical strength and rental income are studied for each city. This helps in evaluating the best city that has properties at affordable prices and that promises good returns after a fixed time period.

Now, further narrowing the choice in property investment, one would like to invest in a neighbourhood that is the best. Obviously no one wants to live in shady, depressive areas. There is a complete methodology for evaluating the ideal neighbourhood in each of the top cities.

For the current year, Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, and Montreal have made to the top five spots in the lost for the best cities. The neighbourhoods in each city were observed to evaluate which areas offered the best value and growth potential.

Each neighbourhood’s house prices were compared to the houses surrounding that area, the metro district and then to the greater municipality. But, a neighbourhood cannot be taken for the best place only because the houses available in that area are cheap. There are always good reasons to see why the prices are so low in an area. If, the living conditions in that area are not favourable, the property will have no re-sale value. Therefore this makes the investment a bad decision despite the low priced property.

Now, the question arises that what makes a neighbourhood an ideal place to live in. Things that would make people jump to an opportunity to own a place in that particular area. Certain factors like presence of good quality schools, availability of hospitals or clinics, walking distance to the nearby mall etc add a great deal to increase the value of the property. A neighbourhood that is sound and secure, has houses available in good price deals, and above all is very near to the transit services is the choice of masses. These factors ensure a quality life which is hassle free. It gives independence to every individual belonging to each family in that area.      

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